The Week That Was 02/10 – 02/16

From the New York Times – To Go Further, Speedskaters Had to Let Go of Their Wheels Rollerblading is back. Well, at least among American Olympic speedskaters. Of the 25 long- and short-track American competitors, 14 started out as inline skaters. They are split between long and short track, according to U.S. Speedskating. KC Boutiette

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The Week That Was 01/20-01/26

Results for the first stop in the National SpeedSkating Circuit, NSC, have been posted. 16 year old Thomas “Tom Tom” Goff was crowned the Grand Champion in his debut event on the circuit. World class inline speed skaters Michael Mulder, Joey Mantia, Heather Richardson, Brittany Bowe,  Shane Dobbin, Jilleanne Rookard, and Eddy Alvarez all made the news

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Prepare for the Sochi Bounce

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games kick off in just over one month. Long Track competition starts on February 8th. Short Track begins on February 10th. For the next six or seven weeks the sport of inline speed skating is going to get more TV, newspaper, and social media coverage in the United States than it

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Theresa Cliff-Ryan Injured in Training Accident

The former inliner and professional cyclist received a concussion after a scary training accident. She was standing on the side of the track when a crashing speedskater crashed into her sending her falling and landing on her head. The full story is available from ESPN at

Welcome to Inline Geek!

For inline speed skating fans across the world! Welcome to our new site for inline speed skating. We are hosting this site to help promote the exciting sport of inline speed skating. It does not matter if you skate inside or out, we are here to help provide information to get everyone together to get

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