Google Inline Speed Skating Events Calendar

Google calendar to consolidate a collection of indoor and outdoor inline speed skating events in United States and throughout the world.

If you have any questions, see comments below the calendar on how to use the calendar.

Using the Calendar

  • Calendar action displays three calendars – US and Canada, International, and US Holidays. You can filter these calendars with the arrow on the top right side of the calendar
  • The description field in the calendar is used to provide some additional information including geography, type of event, and the website link and other associated information
  • Type of event includes marathon, indoor, track, skate event, clinic
  • Import the entire calendar(s) to view with your own personal Google calendar by clicking the Google icon in the bottom right corner of the calendar. With this feature, you will be able to synchronize with third-party e-mail programs such as Outlook and also sync with your smart phone
  • Import individual events to your Google calendar by clicking on the events in choosing “copy to my calendar”
  • Note that there are number of TBD events in the calendar. These are events that I’m aware have happened in the past and may or may not happen in 2013 and may just need a date to be finalized

Additions and Corrections to the Calendar

  • this calendar is a public calendar with read access to everyone.
  • In order to both manage the quality and maintain an accurate and up-to-date informative calendar, a number of key individuals in the in-line speed skating community have been provided update access. those individuals will update with current information
  • If you would like to provide additional events and/or corrected or expanded information for the events in the calendar, please email updates to

Displaying the Calendar On Your Own Website

  • The calendar can be displayed on your own website with the appropriate Google link. if you would like to do that please contact me, for the link
  • Note that in doing so, the calendars displayed would remain current and updated by those with update access