Welcome to Inline Geek!

For inline speed skating fans across the world!

Welcome to our new site for inline speed skating. We are hosting this site to help promote the exciting sport of inline speed skating.

It does not matter if you skate inside or out, we are here to help provide information to get everyone together to get out and skate.

We are starting by providing a bit of information to help organize inline skating opportunities in the Atlanta, Georgia vicinity (because that is where we live and I guess we are a bit selfish in that way). However, the real benefit to our site is to know where & when inline skating opportunities for fitness and speed are coming up in the US, Canada and Europe. If you ever just want to strap on the skates and go race or skate with a group, you can find that information here.
Skate calendar information is culled mostly through our manual effort scouring across the Interweb to find events matching our passion. The skate map is a fun way to see what is happening near (or not so near) you.

Lots of updates coming soon……
– Site enhancements – definitely want a better looking & more usable site
– Skaters Forum
– News
– Skater Blog
– Pictures
– Race reports – and maybe even results
– Skating links – because lots of others are doing good work to promote our sport and we want to make it easy to participate