Tour of Timaru Marathon

January 5, 2020 @ 5:00 am – January 6, 2020 @ 5:00 am
New Zealand

Event Type: Marathon;

Location: Timaru, New Zealand

Additional Information:

SPEED SKATING EXTRAVAGANZA DOWN UNDER NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA JANUARY 2020. Read more details Get out of your cold weather climates & get Down Under and contest N.Z. & Australian titles, Go home with Gold Medals if you are good enough to take on the challenge. You skaters who miss World championships have the opportunity to claim some glory & hang New Zealand & Australian Medals in your trophy cabinet. Those looking for experience and a TON OF RACING TO ENHANCE YOUR ABILITY, ALSO HAVE THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY. Now lets paint the picture.
Timaru N.Z. 31st December 2019 & 1st January 2020 N.Z. Road racing champs 5 Individual titles, 2nd, 3rd & 4th, Indoor 100 meters Champs ( Wooden Floor) 5 Individual races, plus Relays on road ( 2 or 3 person teams) Indoor track relays 3 person Teams, Mixed pairs & mixed 4 relays.
5th January Marathon.
Age groupings for N.Z. champs Under 9 Primary, under 12 Juvinile, under 15 Junior, under 17 Intermediate,over 17 Senior, over 35 masters.For “Tour of Timaru” all about gaining experience in bigger fields, usually Junior upwards in A Grade.You race your age grades at N.Z. champs, then get your opportunity to test yourself against the top older skaters in the Tour & gain Valuable racing experience.
Afternoon 5th along with the 6th & 7th break, good opportunity for Tekapo, Mt Cook, Southern Lakes or Queenstown Tourist trip in the beautiful South Island.
8th & 9th January the famous “TOUR of TIMARU” 16 stage event, 10 to 12 stages on the Timaru Bank Track, Bay Viaduct 200 meter Hill Climb & Caroline Bay Bank track and rink obstacle / steeplechase stage.
All this going on in the middle of the summer holidays, while the Caroline Bay carnival is in full swing with free Afternoon & Evening concerts & fair ground activities & lovely beach 100 meters from Bank Track.
Can you match World wide champions John Fry Senior from England, Bobby Kaiser USA, Elton De Souza France, Peter Michael New Zealand & Nicole Begg who won the mens Tour one year & has also won the recently instigated ladies Tour. Come to the friendliest speed skating country & try your luck.

Now ex Christchurch N.Z. Melbourne is on many airline routes to other continents. so you can pick up the Australian National champs & check up the land of the Kangaroo, after leaving Kiwi Land.And race the Australian Championships.
Road 13th, 14th & 15th January, Rest day the 16th, Indoor 17th & 18th & Marathon the 19th January, more details about Australian age groups for titles, vary from New Zealand grades.
If not venturing to Australia & long term N.Z. visit. 8th & 9th February Hamilton North Island N.Z. Bank track championships,
But in 3 weeks of racing a lot of races & experience to be had or wake up skaters from their winter slumber. Any enquiries you can email me beggsport@hotmail .com

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